11 April 2009

Seastars of Indian Ocean

34p : Crown-of-Thorns (棘冠星魚) ; 15p : Cushion Star (饅頭海星)
26p : Azure Sea Star (藍指海星) ; 56p : Banded Bubble Star (赤麗棘海星)
British Indian Ocean Territory (2001)
18th February, 2009. Diego Garcia, Chagos

This is the first mail sent from BIOT, I felt disappoint as not bird stamps, cover franking with first WWF issue of BIOT illustrated four different sea stars, anyway it still looks nice and hope will receive bird stamps in next mail. Four seastars are seem common in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, as this area like Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius are popular for diving, some visitors caught them as souvenir caused the quantity of them are decreasing.

British Indian Ocean Territory is in the middle of Indian Ocean, same far away from east bank of Africa and Indonesia, wihich occupied by Great Britain for military facility used by the country and United States.