9 January 2012

Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion (亞洲獅)
India (1999)

20th June, 2011. Anna Road, Chennai

Asiatic Lion, as known as Indian Lion, is an endangered species of India which is sub-species of Lion family. Originally it was widely to be found from Mediterranean Sea to southern Asia, but as a lot of reason, now only has 250-300 lions living in Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat.

The cover also features Smooth Indian Otter (
印度水獺), however it is out of my collecting range.

Clockwise from top-left of block of 4 :
Rosy Starling (粉紅椋鳥) ; Garganey (白眉鴨)
Forest Wagtail (山鶺鴒) ; White Stork (白鸛)
India (2000)