18 July 2012

Jackass Penguin

Jackass Penguin (非洲企鵝)
Namibia (1997)

18th April, 2012. Windhoek

Jackass Penguin is the only one penguin species to be found in Africa continent. Most of them inhabiting in Namibia and South Africa, one of attractive popular birdwatching place is Boulders Beach which is open to public.

The other name of the penguin called Black-footed Penguin, as their legs in black colour. They also have black strip and spots on the chest, the patten is unique to each penguin like fingerprints of human. In 1910, the penguin with 1,5million population while only leave 10% of them in recent years. The reasons are the eggs be stolen and the damage of inhabit places.

Now the penguin listed as Endangered class in IUCN list. This stamp set of Jackass Penguin is one of earliest issue of this species.