3 May 2009

Fijian Monkey-faced Bat

Fijian Monkey-faced Bat (斐濟尖齒狐蝠)
Fiji (1997)
2nd March, 2009. Suva
6th March, 2009. Registration office, Fiji

Fijian Monkey-faced Bat is endemic to Fiji now listed as critically endangered species, it only can be found in mountain area of Taveuni, the third large island of Fiji. In wild area, only a pair to five bats have been recorded in recent years and it being extinct in the wild.

The above cover is part of request of Fijian Dove issue, thus the cancellation is same as other two shown in here. Two extra definitive stamps illustrate Striated Heron (綠鷺) and Island Thrush (白頭鶇) were made-up for the enough postage, issued on 1995 and 2003 separately but overprinted with new value in unknown day.