10 July 2011

Kuhl's Lorikeet

Kuhl's Lorikeet (孔氏吸蜜鸚鵡)
Cook Islands (2010)

26th April, 2011. Rarotonga

Kuhl's Lorikeet mainly appears at tropical rainforests, edge of forests ; sometimes nearby human activity areas like backyards, coconut plantations. It has beautiful red, green and purple feathers. It endemic to south-west Pacific islands, from Cook Islands, Kiribati to French Polynesia. As it only endemic to such small areas, it now listed as endangered species as IUCN list. In recent years, the lorikeet was re-introduced to Teraina, Tabueran, Kiritimati of Cook Islands.

Above cover sent from Cook Islands through New Zealand, while understand that from the labels on the cover, but as the relationship of Cook Islands and New Zealand, it didn't need biosecurity by custom of New Zealand.