1 January 2011

Siberian Crane

Siberian Crane (西伯利亞白鶴)
Iran (2007)
1st August, 2010. Tehran (Philatelic Bureau)

Siberian Crane, as known as Snow Crane mostly to be found in Far East region of Russia, breeds in Sakha Republic and Siberia while migrates to Fereidoonkenar and Isfahan of Iran ; Keoladeo National Park of India and south of Yangtze River of China for winter. It almost in white and brown but with blackish long bill, about 140cm tall and can be near 10kg weight. The population decreased quickly with unknown reasons in recent years, but scientist thought that construction of Three Gorges Dam in China is one reason caused they lost habitat.

This year is 50th anniversary of World Wide Fund of Natural. To celebrate this event, many countries and areas planned to issue stamps feature related foundation people and endangered species, until now confirmed Swiss, Great Britain and Macao issue the theme during 2011.