3 April 2009

Mourning Wheatear

From left to right :
Roe Deer (野生狍) ; Greek Tortoise (希臘陸龜)
Blanford's Fox (阿富汗狐) ; Kuhl's Pipistrelle (庫氏伏翼)
Israel (2000, 2001)
17th February, 2009. Kiriat Motzkin
23rd February, 2009. Hongkong

Two covers feature two beautiful animal stamp sets which one illustrated Blanford's fox and other is four different Israelis animals, thank you for great help of Juri. The Blanford's fox set, is a part of World Wild Fund series issued on 2000, one of the stamp illustrated fox catching Mourning Wheatear (悲鵖), a species widely lives from Pakistan to Mauritania, and also farthermost to Tanzania.

As unexpected reasons, below cover spent a month to dispatch for Hongkong, while the registered cover on the above only a week.

17th February, 2009. Kiriat Motzkin