8 August 2011

Calabar Angwantibo

Calabar Angwantibo (金熊猴)
Congo, Republic of (1996)

15th October, 2010. Brazzaville

In the main page there has introduced those four local owls. As the postage, the envelope also affixed a set of Calabar Angwantibo stamps. The species actually not endanger to sub-Sahara area, but endemic to be found in Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Only small amount are habiting in Congo. Calabar is a city in Nigeria, located in south-east of this country. The name of city to be named this gold and small monkey.

As the monkeys always appear on the farmlands, it be caught or killed illegally. Also more rainforest to be used for agricultural, the habitat for Calabar Angwantibo being less.