31 December 2008

Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon (綠蓑鴿)
Solomon Islands (1993)
4th May, 2008. Honiara

Nicobar Pigeon is resident bleeding bird which can be found in south-west Pacific islands from Philippines to Indonesia, of course includes Nicobar Islands, in the easternmost of Indian Ocean. Its conservation states is near threatened. Same as Seychelles' cover, I don't know the exact registered tariff to Hongkong, but I think it is not enough. By the way, thanks Solomon Islands post office of their kindly help.

22 December 2008

Mauritius Parakeet

Mauritius Parakeet (毛里求斯長尾小鸚鵡)
Mauritius (2003)
23rd November, 2008. Port Louis

Thanks Tasneem for the nice cover, she franked whole set of beautiful parrot stamps with postage label. Mauritius Parakeet is a rare bird which only can be seen in Mauritius and islands near Madagascar, locals named katover. In 60's year of last century, it became near-extinction, following 20 years, dedicated research and conservation effort was launched to save the birds, the situation had at stabilized. Nowadays the population around 250-300 birds.

21 December 2008

Black Stork

Black Stork (黑鸛)
Belarus (2005)
17th February, 2008. Minsk
28th February, 2008. Hongkong

It is quite common migratory bird in Europe and Far East Asia, and some habitant in southern Africa. In Hongkong, winter is good season to find them in Maipo wetland. But as many different reasons, Black Stork becomes rare in northern Europe, the amount of them are decreasing. Stamps on this envelope is a whole set issued on 2005, and also franked with other bird definitive stamps which are other species. Thanks to Alexander Rusak for the great help.

18 December 2008

Aldabra Drongo and Aldabra Red-headed Fody

R : Aldabra Drongo (阿爾達巴拉卷尾)
L : Aldabra Red-headed Fody (阿爾達巴拉紅頭雀)
Seychelles (2008)
2nd December, 2008, Victoria, Mahé
9th December, 2008, Hongkong

One of latest WWF issue on 2008 which issued by Seychelles, a small islands country in East Africa. Those two birds, can only be found in Aldabra Island of Seychelles.

Stamps are purchased from local dealer, the stamp set are quite cheap. I bought 4 sets and frank three of them on above envelope, with some old definitives of Seychelles. Actually I don't know exactly tariff of registered mail to Hongkong when I sent this request, but seem it still a petty envelope for my collection.

Cover features four definitive stamps issued on 2000, are Seychelles Tree Frog (塞舌耳樹蛙), Seychelles Killifish (塞舌耳鏘魚), Seychelles Splendid Palm (塞舌耳扶搖櫚) and Seychelles Skink (塞舌耳蜥) separately.