5 February 2011

Marine life of Indonesia

From left to right bottom :
Olive Ridley Turtle (麗龜) ; Green Sea Turtle (綠蠵龜)
Leatherback Turtle (棱皮龜) ; Indo-Pacific Hawksbill Turtle (太平洋玳瑁)
Indonesia (2010)

24th October, 2010. Jakarta
19th November, 2010. Semarang, Tanah Mas
30th November, 2010. Hongkong

Unfortunately, in the time of writing, the WWF International and Groth AG, the agency approves philatelic products with WWF Panda logo. Did not authorize post office of Indonesia issue above stamp set with their logo. It was sadly to see this situation as the beautiful stamps couldn't be a part of WWF series. 4 stamps illustrate variety turtle species with description as above. Those four turtles, now facing over-hunting, egg stolen or population of ocean etc. different poor situations, the population decrease quickly in recent years.