31 August 2009

Whale-headed Stork

Whale-headed Stork (鯨頭鸛)
Central African Republic (1999)
6th July, 2009. Bangui (Philatelic Bureau)

Whale-headed Stork is one large species in Balaenicipitidae (鸛形目) family, it only lives in tropical rain forest and wetland. Its bill looks similar with whale but it coloured in pink. From eastern African countries like Sudan, Chad, Uganda, Central Africa to southern countries like Rwanda and Zambia can find its image, it also appears in West Africa but rarely can see them. The bird now listed as endangered species due to the population decreasing, it caused by illegal hunting, the change of resident area and there damaged by human. Only 5000 to 8000 birds mostly can be found in Sudan.