21 February 2009

Little Tern

Little Tern (小燕鷗)
Croatia (2006)

Orsini's Viper (歐西尼氏腹蛇)
Croatia (1999)
10th February, 2009. Zagreb
16th February, 2009. Hongkong

An interesting cover features two different WWF stamp sets issued by Croatia. The country has been issued three sets of WWF stamp, I still missing the one issued on 2004. Little Tern seems is a normal seabird in the world, can be found offshore of Asia, Europe, eastern Australia and western Africa. However the population has declined or become extinct in most European countries, and only few river or inland suitable for them to habitat. In Croatia, Sava and Drava, which is located in the border of Hungary and Croatia can be found the habitations.