16 January 2009

Chinstrap Penguin

Chinstrap Penguin (南極企鵝)
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (2008)
10th July, 2008. King Edward Point (First day special postmark)
9th September, 2008. King Edward Point
via Falkland Islands and London
7th October, 2008. Hongkong

One of new WWF issues in 2008. A cute penguin species in the world which normally seen in South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, South Orkney Islands, and islands around Antarctic Circle. They also call Ringed Penguins or Bearded Penguins as they are look like wearing black helmets. Cover is not sent on first day of issue due to the transport problem, it bears a regular postmark on the back side with one 90p Chinstrap Penguin and 5p definitive stamps.